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The Dutty Hobag is a pimping term for a large bag used to round up the dirty hoes (in other words not very attractive girls), it has become a general derogative term for a woman.
Damn bitch, yo' be one dutty hobag!
by Dutty Crimson November 15, 2004
I dunno, but I'm betting it tastes good... You a gamblin' man?
Shi' yo, tha' be some hardcore fuckmunch yo's got!
by Dutty Crimson November 15, 2004
Originally just short for scrotum, interfered with by some unscrupulous characters to found a new homosexual activity in which players must jack off into a can of coke.

Also see, "coke in a scrote" and "diet scrote"
Yo' spike ma drink, fool!?
by Dutty Crimson November 15, 2004
A term used for a person displaying characteristics and/or gestures of a homosexual nature or that may be considered as being somewhat homosexual, though no hard proof of a sexuality exist to back up the insult.
Diet scrote fool best not come by me, bitch!
by Dutty Crimson November 16, 2004

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