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An incredibly loose woman who also happens to be a mother.
About that girl I met last night, is she a Cum Dumpster or a Milf Bucket?
by DutchPirate February 20, 2011
A rude customer who questions everything that is being scanned.
Customer: "That was supposed to be on sale! Why did you not take it off!? What is that?! It's the wrong price"
Cashier Thinks: "She is such a Receipt Nazi"

I had this Receipt Nazi who screamed at me for the wrong price of peanut butter. Does she realize I do not make up the prices?
by DutchPirate April 30, 2015
Another word for a computer chair.
"I got it! Hand over the captain's chair!"

"Your obviously doing it wrong. Give me the captains chair."
by DutchPirate September 20, 2012

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