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While the female eats a man's asshole in doggystyle position and gives him the reach around hand job.
"Oh Sharon I'm just dying to get one of those Right Handed Rhode Island Rimjobs you're always bragging about!"
by Dutch Oven 83 January 11, 2007
Eating mass amounts of mexican tacos with extra hot sauce. Holding it in all day until you return to your residence and shit all over your poor girlfriend's neck.
Dawn loved the Morroco Neck Taco so much that she propmtly requested for another.
by Dutch Oven 83 January 11, 2007
Taking a shit on a lady's chest, and then sitting on her chest to smear it in.
"Dan you'll never believe it! Cindy let me give her a Switzerland Steamroller last night! She totally digged it!"
by Dutch Oven 83 January 11, 2007

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