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When a blonde goes ape shit and whips out fighting moves seemingly above her strength and skill level but made possible by pure rage. Also known as JuShitZu
Damn Bill Julie was so pissed she went Tae Blonde Do on me last night
by Dutch Indian June 16, 2010
A buzz kill to a Facebook post
I had a good post going till Mickie brought up her dead Aunt . Was a total Showbomb
by Dutch Indian February 20, 2015
Being so friendly to someone you almost cross the line.
Jeff. I think I was so friendly to Bill last night that when he asked me to go into business with him I think I crossed the Chum Line.
by Dutch Indian February 25, 2015
A party thrown in honor of getting a word published in the Urbandictionary
Hell Yes!!!! I got a word published in the Urbandictionary. Time to have an Urb Party.
by Dutch Indian February 25, 2015
While grocery shopping you have a sudden gut bomb attack and have to leave your cart to run for the restroom.
Vicki! I had Cart Abandonment at Cosco again . I really need to cut down on the ruffage.
by Dutch Indian April 08, 2015

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