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A town in Connecticut about which certain people who don't live there love to make generalizations in order to feel better about (or simply mask) how white, privileged, racist, and stuck up they themselves are.

Greenwich is actually home to a wide variety of people. Its working class quarried the stones that built the Brooklyn Bridge. Greenwich residents have served in all America's major wars from the Revolution to Iraq. In fact, a Greenwich man was the first American soldier to die in World War I.

Sure, I could go on a long rant about the town's many faults, but it's home. Unless you've lived there, shut the fuck up.
"Wow - everyone who lives in Greenwich evidently rides flying Ferraris made of solid gold mined by African children and powered by the tears of displaced Native Americans. Guess I can absolve myself of all my white guilt now."
by Dusty N May 01, 2008

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