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Artsy, wanna-be hip, "awwmahgod" - wanna sound intelligent, feigning poverty, driving Jettas, Audi's, supposed hip area living, high-leasing, confused clothes matchin, stuck-up, chump-y, easily scarred, down-looking at locals, outsiders, out-of-towners, condo living - which are blocks from crack infested neighborhoods, American Apparel wearing...looking, snow-dog-syberian dog owning-walking-wearing-snow-gear and sandals in a Spring night, pajama-crack-exposing, cheap or maybe not -sandal wearing to supermarket late at night, iPod owning, blogging and oh-so-hipper and alterntative rock-star wanna-being, skinny, Shaggy looking, skinny, trustfund living, mom-dad-funds-depositing, movie-industry-extras-working...I think I ran out...wait, mostly found WEEKday and weekends, eating at hip expensive, also SKANKY, restaurants eating bland expensive pretentious foods in supposed hipster areas like...Silverlake (yes one word), Los Feliz...Echo Park, Melrose...sort of...but found in high concentrations in Silverlake...Los Feliz and other similar Skank habitats.
Go and hang around Los Feliz, Silverlake and Echo Park, all along Sunset and at Goodwill amongst the needy people AND a couple of shops down at the $20 per cotton tank top American Apparel...and any Apple Store. Thats what a Skanky is!
by Dusty Brown June 02, 2007

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