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1) Pornographic material that does not show penetration, genitalia, or actual sexual activity, opposite of hardcore.
2) Anything that is either physically or inspirationally weak.
1) Cinemax is where all the best softcore material is found.
2) The reason Fred Durst is so softcore is because he can't stop thinking about Britney's tuna cassarole.
by Dusty Bottoms May 29, 2003
(noun) A term for an employee, servant, or slave whose primary responsibility is to fetch items and bring them back to his or her boss, master, or owner. Formed by contraction of the words "go for". As in: "Go for coffee, go for doughnuts, go for whatever we need you damn 'gofer'."
"I sent my gofer for coffee over twenty minutes ago. If he doesn't get back soon, I'm dropping his health care benefits!"
by Dusty Bottoms May 28, 2003

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