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A realm in between this dimension and a plane of existance filled with pure destructive horror. This other world shall be known as PlaneX. This fissure in the space/time dimension wall is the source of all negative thoughts, emotions and consequently actions. The lack of light for extended periods of time and frigid temperatures have been attributed to the off kilter rotation of the earth in relation to the sun. It is in fact due to the contamination of being in contact with PlaneX emanations for long periods of time. The effects of these emanations do not spread equally across distance but rather in a seemingly malificently intelligent manner. Further research is being conducted. Any trip to alaska is highly advised against.
"Its been a shitty day alaska's really fucking with me."

"Alaska told me to..."
-a quotation from a psychotic man caught genetically enginering an army of super squirrel children hybrids
by Dustin n Leo May 20, 2008

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