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When a joystick of any kind will only turn left.

Could be used for other things I suppose
Don't use that controller, it has Nascar Syndrome.
by Dustin W Danley July 10, 2008
A game played like hacky sack but with paddles, badminton rackets, and a ping pong ball.

You get a "Ding" sound out of the paddle, and a "Dang" sound of of the rackets.
Yous guyses wants to go plays some DING DANG?
by Dustin W Danley July 10, 2008
Another name for Acid (LSD-25).

Originated from the song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" by The Beatles.
How much for a hit of Lucy?
by Dustin W Danley July 10, 2008
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