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A term referring to a women's breasts.
"Kim's shirt is unbuttoned so low, I can see her naughty pillows."
by Dustin Mousley November 26, 2007
A term used to define a situation where you are forced to be around and interact with a person that you don't like.
"Im going to my parents house for Thanksgiving; and I'm going to have to run asses with my brother-in-law."

"I'm going to work to rub asses with my idiot boss!"

"God I hate Tom. But I'm not missing Craig's party, so I will rub asses with him all night if I have to."
by Dustin Mousley November 26, 2007
A term used by gay men to describe "the bottom" or receiver in a gay sex act.
"I went home with the hottest cock jockey last night."
by Dustin Mousley November 21, 2007
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