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Literally, without law, a condition of disintegration of a society into individual components resulting from the absence of conventions, shared perceptions and goals. A social system describable as a mere aggregate, the state of maximum social entropy.
The Brady Bunch befell anomie when that fat maid left for vacation. When she got back, she had to clean up Marsha's mung, castrate all the boys and kick out the littest one's boyfriend, and hide the ugly wife's body. After which she looks at the camera and shrugs to a big audience laugh.
by Dustin Belleau September 06, 2003
The source of which all my hopes and dreams are achieved through sexual fantasy and gratification.
My mouth salivated when he revealed his cock. I wanted nothing more than to suck it hard so he could put it in my ass. mmm I'm so gay <3 **dances**
by Dustin Belleau September 06, 2003
The process by which things reduce or decrease in value until they cease to exist.
My penis was victim to atrophy at the sight of lesbian pornography. ewww, girls are sick
by Dustin Belleau September 06, 2003
Occurring without loss or gain of heat.
My hot pants were adiabatic on the straight boy until he had a few drinks in him. ;)
by Dustin Belleau September 06, 2003
The infinately great ammount of unknowledge that leads someone to be baffled for eternity, in the span of each moment that passes.
KKKam is as lost as an aborted 20 year old.
by Dustin Belleau June 19, 2004
The process whereby an organization produces something other than the organization itself. An assembly line is an example of an allopoietic system.
The men in line to have sex with me that leave happy are enlisting in an allopoietic activity. And lovin it. ;)
by Dustin Belleau September 06, 2003
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