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the act of sleeping; especially after a long night of drinking.
"After drinking all night long, Jim aired out on the couch."
"I am going to air out now, I will talk to you tomorrow."
by Dustin April 12, 2005
When a Man's sack hangs lower than his penis.
My loach is very embarressing.
by Dustin October 04, 2004
Anyone in an authoritarian role with a weapon of a fire arm class.
That sargent is an operator with the M16-A4.
by Dustin March 03, 2005
To cheat at accomplishing a task, duty, or job.

To cheat; swindle.
I'm the one who's going to kick your phony goldbricking ass! -From the 1998 movie, The Big Lebowski
by Dustin December 02, 2003
a term used for a woman that is very pleasing to the eye. a good looking woman with attractive features.
"Did you see that girl in black?"
"Ya man she was direct."
by dustin July 01, 2004
All i want is Poonai from that girl
by Dustin February 02, 2003
a person you know but you don't really talk to that often
I lost touch with a few quebes from high school, but every couple weeks we managed to send an email or two back and forth.
by Dustin January 25, 2004

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