75 definitions by Dustin

1) The most extreme mouth slam.

2) A super-ultra mule kick to the face or abdomen.

3) Double penetrating a bitch and forcing her head into the floor, and laughing at her ass hole fuckin'.
"We are going to give you a double donkey straight to the mouth!"
by Dustin June 14, 2004
Someone in chat that isn't actually a newbie but not a regular, they tend to get My!Chat, lower their font and try to act like a regular, or slut.

Other words for this word- Rewb
Matt is such a rewb.

Goddamn rewbies getting My!Chat.
by Dustin November 08, 2004
A person atempting to be a physicist but can't cut it.
For further examples see; engineer
A dumb physicist is an engineer.
by Dustin February 02, 2005
An obscene smell, such as flatulance or roadkill.
Hey, you smell like a juggling joker.
by Dustin August 20, 2003
very, very, very beautifl girl who is goin out with some fag. (if she broke up with me shes prolly still goin out with a fag cuz shes got a history with them). BEAUTIFUL. FUNNY. COOL. PERFECT.
Karissa Romero is perfect.
by dustin November 29, 2004
1: A double goon dick.

2: Two goons fucking a goon.

3: deutching at your grandma's funeral...with some goons.
Poor goon, he got double deutched in his goonie.

He doubled deutched at the funeral, with that one goon from Home Alone.
by Dustin June 14, 2004
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