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Smoking marijuna in a closed area.
lets go bake out your moms car!
by Dustin January 10, 2003
noun. brof = burning ring of fire. a pink, raw, puslating, asshole from having the shits and wiping your ass too many times in one day.
I ate some bad mexican food last night and now I've got a serious case of brof.
by Dustin February 18, 2005
a hearty agreeing word,
"You want to go see the new Lord of the Rings Movie?" said James.
"Indeedily!" raptured Ed.
by Dustin January 25, 2004
The study of aging and the aged. divides groups up into young aged (65-75) middle aged (75-85) and elder aged (85+).
A variety of topics are focused on, including living conditions, mental ans physical health (everyday tasks being performe). And even sexuallity (for reference watch "Sitll Doing It:The Intimate Lives of Women Over 65"). And a side note, although much of the elder population thinks they suffer from alzheimer's disease only about 3-5% do. Your long term memory actuallcy increases as you get older, it is you short term memory that decreases.
by Dustin April 03, 2005
the condition of being so spectacular it induces spazing
You're marrying a playboy model dad? That's spaztastic!
by Dustin January 20, 2004
1. Can be used to describe a female companion lovingly.

2. Derogatory name for a whiny female
1. Me and my Bizzou are going to grub.

2. Shut up, Bizzou!
by Dustin December 17, 2003
semen on one's face.
Man, I just gave that chick some chin butter.
by Dustin February 18, 2005

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