75 definitions by Dustin

a Condom over your dick
Good thing i wore my jimmy cap last night
by Dustin March 24, 2005
1.) A tool you normally use to fix your toilet
2.) Something you put between your butt cheeks and squeeze.
aaron put a plunger inbetween his buttcheeks
by Dustin October 05, 2004
One of the greatest bands of all time. Up there with Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. The epittome of good Punk music.

R.I.P. Joe Strummer (1952-2002)
Before Blink 182, Dumb 41 and Good Charloette, the was the epitome of good punk music known as The Clash.
by Dustin April 30, 2004
a nice warm place to park your dick
Excuse me. I'm kinda new in town. Do you know where I can find a good dick garage?
by dustin January 08, 2004
Masturbating; jacking off; fingering yourself.
"Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten."
by Dustin November 21, 2004
a small fur bearing animal that can swollow tube steak whole.
Check out that nice beaver.
by Dustin July 15, 2004
Putting something clear over someone's face (like saran wrap) and then taking a dump on their face.
The King of Pop glass bottom boated some 8 year old boy.
by Dustin December 02, 2003
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