75 definitions by Dustin

Complete and utter duetch bag
Hey, stop acting like laforge
by Dustin February 02, 2004
1) It's like Dutch, but way more bad ass!

2) A pussy fuck goon.

--It's not douche, but similar.
"You fucking deutch bag fuck!"

"Shibbity Deutch!"
by Dustin June 14, 2004
My how this penis tastes good with katsup.
by Dustin November 05, 2002
v. see also VJ'd (past)
1. To accidentally ejaculate into your own eye
2. To accidentally ejaculate into your partner's eye
1. Oh man, that would have been so much better if I didn't VJ at the end
2. He's not that bad in bed, but at the end, he VJ'd me!
by Dustin May 01, 2005
What come out of your ass after eating too much spicy food.
After eating that habanero pepper, Dawneen was shitting fire water.
by Dustin February 18, 2005
friend or best friend, mate
aka "bud"
Sup blud?!
Not Much blud?!
by Dustin March 11, 2004
a perversion of both the english word cool and spanish word cuelo, meaning ultimate coolness, neat, awesome
Sealab 2021 is very coolo.
by Dustin January 25, 2004

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