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3 definitions by Dushawn Mandic

A Taliban who loves Metallica.
Hey that Taliban was wearing a Metallica shirt.

Yeah man, he's a Metalliban.
by Dushawn Mandic June 30, 2009
23 9
When someone has a rather large stomach, with an outie belly button, making them appear to have one large belly boob.
Damn, did you see that chick? She had three boobs!

Naw man, that was just her belly boob.
by Dushawn Mandic June 29, 2009
4 3
A very annoying guy who is perverted and stalks you because he gets enjoyment from it. A mix of the words 'pervert' and 'stalker.'
Who's that guy that's always looking through your window?

Oh, he's my pervalker.
by Dushawn Mandic June 30, 2009
1 2