3 definitions by Durty Brian, and the Dank Fist Fuckers

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A summertime move on the beach, in which, during varginal intercourse, the male "breads" his hog on the sand and re-inserts his penis into the vagina...thus completeing the chicken cutlet
That bitch deserved the chicken cutlet, because she gave me a toothy blowjob!
When one or more women kneel before a cock and beg for load on their face(s)...like a baby bird being fed by its mother
I gave those bitches the baby bird, and she gagged hard.
Putting 3/4 of your arm up a girls ass (from behind), then hooking the young lady in the stomach as you remove aforementioned arm. Thus inciting a landslide of feces from her rectum.
There is so muche shit here there must have been an ass blaster.

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