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A tomas is a usual guy. Hes more than likely irish and very tall. He is a good looking chap and gets manys goodlooking women the odd time! Hes a hero to all and his haters boost his confidence! Hes the type that would have a crush on a girl but cant get the confidence to tell her and when she come to him to talk about her problems with boys he listens and wishes he was one of them boys.
Guy1: Get the shift?
Guy2: Yeah 3 bures
Guy1: Aboy Tomás!!

Girl1: Shift me?
Girl2: No shift me
Tomás : Hey theres room for two in my mouth!
Girl 1 + 2: Awwwwwwww

Guy: I hate you ya cunt!
Tomás : Jee Thanks!!!! :)
by Durr333333333333333333 June 28, 2011

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