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Scene has got to be the most dumbest word ever! Its just another word for people to call people who...

+wear tight pants
+go to loacal shows
+cut their own hair
+dye their own hair
+have a myspace
+like hardcore / indie /screamo /grindcore
+wear cut offs
+wear smaller shirts than you
+have a "scene" hair cut

+listen to hardcore/ indie/ grindcore/ acoustic/ techno/ screamo
+cut their own hair
+dye their own hair
+have a "scene" haircut
+go to a lot of local shows
+have a myspace
+wear small shirts
+wear cut offs
+wear bright colored makeup
+cut and dye other peoples hair.

People link the word scene to emo and hardcore. Emo is a genre of music not a person. And same with hxc.

People seem to like to downsize "scenesters" because they think they are defensless and weak. Not to mention that since we wear tight pants everyone has the golden ticket to call us a "fag","gay", etc.

Their are many different "scenes"...
1.indie scene
2.hardcore scene
3.of course the local scene
4.the scene
5.screamo & emo (genre) scene

I've heard this...
"scene is a noun not an adjective"
emo, hardcore, glamcore, fashioncore, scene
by Durka Durrek April 07, 2006

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