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When one takes a crap in the water tank of a toilet. This is usually done as a party prank or as a method of smiting one's enemies. It's a real pain to clean out, stinks like hell, and makes the toilet flush brown for days.
That guy wouldn't give me a beer at the party at his house last night, so I gave him a top shelf.
by Durendal April 18, 2004
The anus. Chucky is nasty, rank beer shit, so the anus is thus referred to as the chucky hole.
Get your finger outta my chucky hole, you pervert!
by Durendal June 07, 2003
When getting a blowjob, the man pulls out after ejaculating in her mouth and decks her across the jaw. BOONNNNGGG!!! Similar to the Jelly Doughnut.
I fucked Britney Spears last night and gave the bitch a liberty bell. You shoulda heard her scream.
by Durendal April 18, 2004
Nasty, rank beer shits. Also see chucky hole.
I got so drunk last night, and this morning I dropped a huge load of chucky.
by Durendal June 07, 2003
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