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1.)the masculine variation of the phrase "son of a bitch", where the father of the subject in question is referred to as opposed to the mother.
2.)a phrase used in a state of heightened emotion, usually frustration or anger.
3.)taken literally, every male ever born.
1.)Guy #1- Yo, you still owe me money from 3 weeks ago.
Guy #2- Oh yeah... can I get that to you next week.
Guy #1- You son of a cock.

2.)Girl- Hey, don't forget we have that midterm tomorrow.
Guy- Son of a cock!

3.)Since I am a male, I am a son of a cock.
by Durando March 19, 2009
a shortening of the phrase "drink my face off." implies:
1. drinking to the point of not feeling feelings anymore
2. needing someone to tell you what you did the night before
3. randomly hooking up with someone (one or more is possible)due to drunkeness
Jordan: Yo what are you doing tonight?
Chris: No idea man, but I'm just trying to drink face.
by Durando December 09, 2008

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