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3 definitions by Duplo

One of the highest adjectives in describing something completely awesome.
The only thing above laser, is lasermazing.
Yeah, that MF DOOM track was pretty laser.
by duplo June 11, 2004
35 28
The ultimate in adjectives when describing something so cool, it's on a whole nother level. That being "lasermazing". The highest there is, and right below that is just laser.
"Dude, that comic was totally lasermazing".
by duplo June 11, 2004
8 2
Generally stinky and smelly.

Can also mean: "Sucky n00b" in proper context.
What is that smell? omg its you, you smell like jotex!


Pwned rofl!! you are a skill less Jotex!!!
by Duplo December 04, 2004
0 1