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When your penis is hanging out through the flap in your boxers.
Dude I'm trying to eat. Stop dunlapping.
by Dunlap12345 June 10, 2009
Getting diarrhea and then shitting all over your partner's face. Eating several Volcano Tacos at Taco Bell can greatly enhance the experience.
My favorite sexual maneuver is the San Diego Shitstorm, although cleaning up afterwards can be quite time consuming.
by Dunlap12345 June 11, 2009
When your dick is so long you need to use a condom for protection. Not from STD's but from carpet burns and other sharp objects that may be lying on the floor.
I have having a Matt Wieters because I couldn't walk through the Holland Tunnel because of how long my dick is.
by Dunlap12345 June 11, 2009
Est. 2006: The act of defecating in a bag and leaving it under the bed. Then proceeding to max out the thermostat and fucking while aroused by the smell.
I can't believe my boo let me pull the Seattle Sweatshop off last night. I had to use the excuse that the air conditioning wasn't working.
by Dunlap12345 June 11, 2009
Sticking a bar of soap up your anus in the shower to prevent leakage.
My ass was leaking so I used the Baton Rouge Blockade to seal off my ass.
by Dunlap12345 June 11, 2009
Taking a shit and flinging it at your partner from across the room while masturbating.

The band Puddle of Mudd derived their name from this move.
My girlfriend loves Mississippi Mud Pie's, because she can even get them when she's on her period.
by Dunlap12345 June 11, 2009

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