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Pertaining to small penises; Derived from the well known fact that all Europeans have miniscule genitalia.
Jenny: Girl, that guy last night was terrible.
Tiffany: Yeah, he was Eurosized.
Jenny: Yeah, his penis was the smallest thing ive ever seen!
Tiffany: No kidding girl, it was like spaghetti, but it wasn't even long!
Jenny: Yeah, im totally gonna play for the other team next time.
Tiffany: Damn Eurosize.
by Dunkan January 21, 2005
Way of defining whether a chick is hot or not.


She can have the TAFF, SAFF, so on and so forth.
Danny:She got STAFF?
Jared:No, only TAFF
by Dunkan January 21, 2005
Person with a vienna sausage sized penis. Often called a "refugee."
John:You serb
Joe:Oh yeah, Slobodan
John:Damn you
by Dunkan January 21, 2005

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