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Dungeons and Dragons Online. An MMORPG loosely based on the popular pen and paper game by the same name. Eerily similar to other MMORPG's like WOW, DDO disappointed many with a premature launch and a hefty monthly subscription. Early reviews of the game were mixed, with playability affected by multiple crashes, unreliable updates, and unpredictable down times. Very laggy gameplay with almost un-playable delays lasted for several months. The single player experience did not materialize as advertised. The gameplay itself tho is versatile and balanced. Game exploits, or overutilization of game flaws for gain, are usually nixed by the developers with the next game update, or patch. Game graphics and sound effects are good/excellent for a large MMORPG. The HUD is very customizable and instinctive. Game AI is fair, but tracking leaves something to be desired. A disembodied voice anounces a few obvious details at the beginning of a few quests, obviously a thwarted and irritating attempt to simulate a dungeon master. Character development and progression is well done, following the general outlines of the pen and paper game. In-game progression though, was capped at a low level, as again, the rush to production did not allow the developers to flesh out the mid/upper levels of game play.

Overall a good MMORPG, with excellent visual and auditory experiences and good gameplay, but hurt by a premature launch and a laggy game experience, despite a hefty monthly price tag.
That new game, DDO, rocks on my new computer!
by Dundread August 15, 2006

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