3 definitions by Dunco

The act of trying to pick up girls when out on the town.

Used because the act of talking to unknown females more often than not looks like you are trying to sell them raffle tickets. Also the chances of taking one of them home are about the same as winning said raffle.
Dunco:"Man, I saw you sellin tickets last night! How'd you go?"
Red:"No winners man"
by Dunco October 24, 2005
The act of behaving like an idiot when out on the town. Comes from a cross between grenade and radiation, as people who do this tend to have the effect of exploding through a club like a grenade and radiating annoyance through the crowd.
Dunco:"How was Mick last night?"
Ello:"No good, it was total grenadiation, he got us kicked out in ten minutes"
by Dunco November 01, 2005
To get lucky. A phrase used the day after when regaling friends of your sexual exploits.
Dunco: So did you pull undies last night mate?
Dawdo: Yeah, I pulled undies with that Swedish chick.
Dunco: Nice.
by Dunco September 14, 2005

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