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3 definitions by Duncan Fisher

Running around a dark forest with a $25 Casio keyboard and a $5 mic
There's a lot of shitty forest metal bands coming out now
by Duncan Fisher July 31, 2006
19 7
abrev. Windscreen wipers.
Joe turned on his windscreepers in an effort to avoid getting a parking ticket
by Duncan Fisher June 17, 2006
4 5
Anti Punk Emo and Goth. The "fascists" of high schools beating up on (or threatning to anyway) anyone who they consider to be punk emo or goth, whether or not they really are. They will judge you by how you look and what music you listen to.
Oh dear, its the APEG crew get rid of that Rammones T-shirt!

my gf: (crying) they beat me up and took my wallet
me: FUCKING APEGS I'll show them (dons Slayer t-shirt and knuckle duster)
by Duncan Fisher May 13, 2006
2 3