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Besides as the coolest dood in chinese history, possesing the balls to do things like eat his own eye off of an arrow, speak for it in poetry saying "Essence of my father, blood of my mother, i cannot toss this away!", then jam a spear in the the shooters face (literaly), he was also known for his generosity, being that although he was the highest general of Wei and a bad-ass swordsman, concidered over-violent by some, he was known to spend little beyond food, clothes and such, and never owned any land of his own, and gave all his surplus to the poor.

Supposably weilding a massive scimiar in his later days, which Dynasty Warriors names 'Kirin Fang'. This blade, as seen on the gam, the author estimates to be about 60 - 80 lbs
-Bah, you idiot, Xiahou Dun was NOT just some violent freak! He was generous and unltimately cool 'n stuff... And 'sides, sword violence rocks!

-At the cost of torn muscles, damaged joints and the crafting of a big-ass wooden sword, I am thinking forming a martial art style based on the fighting style of Xiahou Dun. Not as much about teachnique as it is a combination of power and speed.

-It might be cool to remove one's left eye just to look like Xiahou Dun!
by Dun Wanna-Be December 28, 2006

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