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Another word for trailer park, deriving from 'Junk Yard.' It implies that those who live in trailer parks are drunks or white trash.
That asshole from the Drunk Yard still owes me $20!
by Dumpology August 18, 2010
when one farts while trying to hold in a poop in order to filter the fart surrounding the poop.
i damn near sharted myself over there. good thing i know how to filter fart
by Dumpology August 13, 2010
Showing little importance or significance; eventually.

Contrary to "in a heartbeat," which means 'immediately.'
Proclaims one's laziness.
Person #1: Would you fuck Ted's sister?
Person #2: Eh, in a fartbeat.
by Dumpology September 19, 2010
Someone who is half black/half asian.
Bill: Lee's a mullato eh?
Dave: No he's a murrato
Bill: What?
Dave: His dad is black, his mom is Chinese.
by Dumpology November 29, 2010
An attractive set of boobs of high value that belong to a girl who is not very attractive.
She's a butterface, but those commod-titties sure do make up for it!
by Dumpology November 09, 2010
When someone is being such a fag, that they are the equivalent of two or more fags.
John: "Dude, did you see Chris's status about his girlfriend?"
Demitri: "Yea man, hes Such A Fag(s)."
by Dumpology November 26, 2010

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