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internet shorthand for "where are you," usually used in a comedic, rhetorical, or sarcastic fashion. Now used also in common conversation.
Billymain: I am tired, I'm going to log on and stop playing, ok.
Dumonyu: wru stamina???
Prettyfly: wru dedication???
by Dumonyu August 28, 2003
internet jargon meaning, "not within the context of the internet experience we are currently sharing, but in real life at your computer"
Kolevii plsirl, stfu
Kolevii plsirl try to maintain control, ok?
by Dumonyu August 28, 2003
Monsterous, with an "iz" adding as the second sylable incorporating the Snopp Dogg izzle language
OMG that was a MIZONSTEROUS hit!
That double-play was MIZONSTEROUS!
by Dumonyu August 28, 2003
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