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Music/camping festival near Lawrence, KS. Named after the Wakarusa river which means "ass deep" in the local Indian (not sure which tribe) language. Started in 2004, I have been for 2005/2006. Totally sick line-ups both years. 5 stages with music going all night long! Check wakarusa.com
You "Did you catch the late-night Buckethead set in the campground tent?"

Me "Hell yeah, I'm still trying to find my face, it melted off. He is the jedi-master of the guitar!"

You "Wakarusa is the shit!"
by Dumbella June 13, 2006
Helping a dopeless hope fiend in need; a visit from a friend in which one "smokes up" the other when they are out of weed...
Jarrett: Dude, you got any weed?

Gobi: Nah, dude....

Lets head down the hall to Woody's for a ganjagal visit!
by Dumbella November 08, 2006
When a person accidentally puts their foot in their mouth or otherwise insults someone, or makes everyone aware of an elephant in the room. Then he or she tries overly hard to make the situation better, or cover up their tracks. Like heavy machinery moving backwards, it's definitely noticable.....
"Wow, you really pissed off Cassidy, do you always Beep when you back up?"
by Dumbella July 01, 2009

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