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A refreshed version of he insult 'Dick'.
Zone can be used to freshen any existing 1 word insult i.e.

Bum-Zone, Fassy-Zone, Knob-Zone etc.
"Shut up ya dick-zone!"
by Dulux September 21, 2009
A poot fenis can take the form of any noun.
"Oh no! I appear to have mislaid my poot fenis."

"You don't own a poot fenis? Are you retarded?"

"Would you mind if I had a go on your poot fenis? Someone stepped on mine."
by Dulux March 11, 2010
The name given to the last person to have produced sick due to the effects of smoking weed.
"Mate, did you just throw up? WHITEY KING!"
"Did you hear about *name* puking off that L last night? He is now to be reffered to as the Whitey King."
by Dulux September 21, 2009

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