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A discrete grope, initiated by either the man or the woman, that goes unnoticed by those around you due to its discretion. This grope is typically done rapidly and leaves the victim feeling confused and mildly aroused.
Yea, but it wasn't as bad as the first guy. It was more of a classy grope.
by Dukes by Daisy April 06, 2011
A method of categorizing near-rape to full-rape experiences, with one being a casual, non-sex offender sort of comment, five being somewhere in the grey area between a law suit and a brush off, and ten being full-on, jail-for-life rape.
I saw that guy totally just grab your ass. I hope it was below a five on the rape scale or we need to beat somebody up!
by Dukes by Daisy April 06, 2011

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