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A whiney little bitch, in spite of the fact that he is only 17, one of the best skateboarders in the world, owns several houses, is set for life, has a fleet of hundred thousand dollar vehicles, and 85% of the female population wanting to bang him. In short, someone who is a whiney little bitch with no grounds for it.
"Dude, just cuz you can't get laid doesn't mean you have to get all Ryan Sheckler about it."

"Man bro, you have no idea how hard my life is, it totally sucks winning gold medals and being able to rip over anyone on the planet. I hate having all these girls want to bang me. I just want to get away from it all but I can't decide whether to drive my Range Rover on 26's or my lifted Dodge Ram 2500.

Yeah Ryan Sheckler, you're right that does sound hard. I gotta go though man, I have to flip burgers for 9.5 hours to afford a blank skate deck and a half a tank of gas in my 89 escort. Maybe we can skate again if I can get off work."
by Duke Livingston February 19, 2008

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