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What the convict on that old movie problem child craved, and ate when he got out of prison. Blatant slang for a woman's vagina. When I saw this movie as a kid I didn't get it.
Jean Valjean: SMILEY PIES!
Eagle Scout Project:

Hooking up with the mother of all hideous females, one beyond the classification of "community service". To fuck this girl you must be as selfless as an Eagle Scout.
"That fat chick over there, man she is oooogly, thats a fuckin eagle scout project if i ever saw one."

A user said this is hateful: "on behalf of the Boy Scouts of America and those who hold the honor of being called an Eagle Scout.....this is a disgrace....if only America was coming back to the values scoutng never left..."
LOL, let's face it. This definition is to precious to lose. Everyone who wants to save a definition add it here!
The sound you hear when you first start playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. If you own the game you know what I mean.
Dam I've been humming that all day. Cluckety-cluck. Place your order.

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