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Your waitress at hooters
I hope we have a hot hootress today. Where is my hootress with my wings?
by Duecey 2 August 18, 2008
An extreme of rediculous, but not as extreme as recockulous.
Can you believe the booty on that skank? It is reprickulous.
by Duecey 2 August 22, 2008
To let your hair, head and facial or pubic grow out and get wild similar to Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman.
"Boy its been a long winter" my wife told me, "It looks like your penis Joaquined"
by Duecey 2 March 05, 2009
Your big toe. If it is your thumb on your hand, why can't it by your thumb on your foot?
I am going to shove my thumb-toe so far up your ass....
by Duecey 2 September 11, 2008
An obsession for state quarters that renders a sufferer incapable of spending a them. They must save every state quarter they come into contact with. Also known as QHD.
I just picked up 3 MN Quarters at Subways, maybe they will sell me some more. "Boy I could use a soda, but all I have is state quarters, water it is, damn that Quarter Hoarder Disorder."
by Duecey 2 January 12, 2010
A waitress at the Hot Wings dining establishment.
Get over here with my wings, Hootress!
by Duecey 2 August 22, 2008
Noun - One who is so controlling that they go so far as to limit the time a person can spend in the bathroom
I was taking a load off with the Sunday funnies and the Pootator started yelling, "You've been in there too long"
by Duecey 2 December 05, 2008

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