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One who refuses to partake in any activities involving mind-altering substances. A sober-faggot also considers him or herself to be paramount, or smarter, than those who do experiment with drugs or alcohol. Sober-faggots should never be invited to parties, because they will ruin all the fun for the rest of the people with their smart-ass remarks. Everyone should refer to a person like this as "sober-faggot #1, sober-faggot #2, etc." depending on how many sober-faggots you know.
Bro #1: dude, who is that sober kid sitting in the corner all by himself?
Bro #2: I don't know man, who cares, he's a total sober-faggot. Lets go kill another brew and make fun of him.
Bro #1: That sounds chill as hell, I'm down.
by Dudewholikestoparty69 May 27, 2009

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