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During fellatio, the sac is rest on a woman's face with a testicle on each eye and the shaft rests on the nose, resembling a classic green helmet
This girl was licking my balls while my cock was on her nose & it looked like a greek gladiator helmet (greek helmet)
by DudeManBroGuyPalPartnerBuddyFriend February 02, 2007
onomatopoeia., Describes the sound made when a female gags while deepthroating.
One time I was facefucking a girl and she couldnt handle it but I kept giving it to her. She kept gagging and making noises that sounds like, "gwOCK, gwOCK, gwOCK!"
by DudeManBroGuyPalPartnerBuddyFriend February 01, 2007
noun. The scum that collects in the foreskin; a mixture of lint, sweat, dirt, etc.
Dude I had a doubleheader tonight and i had the worst case of duck butter because of those damn uniforms. That shit's nasty
by DudeManBroGuyPalPartnerBuddyFriend February 20, 2008

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