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Pronounciation: "Paw - Luck".

This versatile word can be used in many ways.

As a noun it means to represent an extremely
awkward individual with a 100% mimicking attitude.
To be called a pollock is considered to be one of

the highest degree of insult as nobody wants to be

a loser like a pollock! To be a pollock means you

will most likely have a big ego and think you are

absolutely the shit. As a verb, this word describes

the performance of an action that displays general

forms of mental retardation and ignorance to normalities
in a social cociety. Nobody wants to get caught

pollocking. it is a sure fire way to lose your soul

to the underworld. Used as an adverb to to harshly and

directly describe the act of pollocking. this is a great

way to verbally cut down a foe or just to tell of the

principal of your local school. Used as an adjective

or describing word this word can be used in any way

possible to describe and express genuine hate and

disgust for something. when it comes down to it,

this word can be used anywhere, anytime!

Origin: this word derives from a horrid being that

is sometimes considered a demon. this creature's

habitat is in a very nicely kept house with very

loving parents that smother him with concern and

love. He usually stays in his room (which is probobly

the same size as your basement) and accompanies himself

with his faggoty guitars, microkorg, and indie rock

cds. the myth is if you ascociate yourself with this

dude, you will be forever copied and followed and have

a miserable life.

Description: A typical "pollock" will be wearing anything

and everything. depending on who it is copying it could

be wearing really flashy vibrant clothing, or it could be

rocking some serious basketball shorts (that he will claim

to be bringing back). This total doucher will almost always

have his headphones in even if he is with a group of real,

living talking people. he will most likely be 100% serious

all the time and will butcher jokes and fail at attempting

to fit in and joke around with the guys. If wearing slip-on

shoes, he will be wearing socks. because they hurt his heels.

What a pussy!

Use: Noun, Verb, Adverb, Adjective.


(Noun) - "Hey man, look at that old nasty pollock over


(Verb) - "That boy over there is sure pollocking pretty hard!".

(Adverb) - "He is talking to that girl very pollockly. He is making a fool of himself... and men in general".

(Adjective) - "That Outback Steakhouse and Grill is looking quite pollock! Maybe thats why they shut all of them down?"
Common Expressions & Uses in Daily Life:

"Man i totally just pollocked that math test!!!"

"Man, i just spotted a complete pollock over there by the sex shop".

"Can't come out tonight boys, mom's being a total pollock".

Real-Life Experiences:

1.) Man talks about getting microkorg for a long time. buys microkorg. pollock decides he wants one too and gets the exact same one.

2.) pollock gets laid off from job (along with a number of other dudes) and cries on the way home (no other guy takes part).

3.) man wears button up shirt, jeans and sandals to school. The next day. style is repeated exactly.

4.) man has band. band plays a show. pollock asks for the to play quieter please (is it possible to have vagina inhabited ears?)

5.) Man wears basketball shorts to school. pollock goes out gets mom to buy him some then claims he's "bringing them back" with the other man. false.

6.) Pollock pays 160$ to go to Wasaga Beach. day before bitches out with "food poisoning", loses money and bails on his friend who was getting a ride with him.
by Dude-Brah July 15, 2009

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