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a term used in the place of "dude" when the speaker is exited.
DUDE1:Dude were going to see some bewbs tonight!
DUDE1:I know dude!
DUDE2:But dude....DEWD!
by Dude McDudeson August 27, 2006
A pronoun used when the speaker is too distraught to remember someones name.
"Hey man-dude-guy-pal can you pass me that dew?"
by Dude McDudeson August 27, 2006
a discreet way of indicating the desire to masterbate, often used in public places where people might be offended by the indication of masterbation.
"Man, the other night you called me when I was teedlin'"

Guy:Dude you want to come over after school?
Teedler:Nah man, I really gotta go home and teedle.
Guy:allright, cool man.

Guy:Dude what you up to tonight?
Teedler:I think I'm gunna be home fiddling me teedle stick."
by Dude McDudeson August 27, 2006

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