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An indians word 4 White bowi
Gori 4 white gyal
Those goras piss me off!
by Dude September 14, 2004
The biggest discrace of music ever created. It consists of screaming and smashing drums.
"I want to listen to some rock....I'm not, i'll go deaf."
by Dude March 07, 2005
I am a lawyer representing the company which this individual has said untruthful statements against. I am recommending you remove all anti-AOL, as a matter of fact all AOL, America Online, or any other names people come up with or within 14 days I will be placing a lawsuit against this website for closure due to slander against the AOL company. AOL did not request this, they had enough employees...
Lol stfu u nuub suckers
by dude December 22, 2004
A woman who is old and not married. They are usually crazy and are just more proof that women NEED us men.

Note: When men are old and not married it's stylish
The Trunchbull from Roald Dahl's Matilda.

Joan Rivers.

Abe Einhorn
by Dude March 02, 2005
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