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Canadian born Italian. Although it's not as common as cbc, yet they r still hotties imho imho.
"I just met a gal yesterday, and she's a cbi, whoa dude...she's awesome..wanna make out with her."
by dude March 30, 2005
A lung disease caused by breathing in certain particles. (Or a dumbfuck)
by Dude April 18, 2005
Getting head from a girl, you come in her mouth, pull out, and punch her hard in the face. Tell her to clean herself.
Bryan: How was your date?

Micah: Great, I took your mom home and gave her the Byzatine.
by dude April 23, 2004
To engage in close embrace with another person. Usually in place of sex, especially if you think Bob Dole and those "E.D." commercials might be on to something.
"Let's snuggle, honey."
"I thought you went to the doctor, already."
by dude February 18, 2003
Import car beater
" Hunger, eat your imported car. "
by DUDE April 16, 2003
Synesthesia is a condition in which people have difficulty distinguishing between various sensory inputs.
this circle smells red
by dude March 08, 2004
A horrible school with suburban pressures.
Wheatley is a bad school.
by Dude December 28, 2004

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