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heroin...the REAL urban meaning of the term.
I need to go steal me a VCR, so I can then sell it and cop some sharp.
by Dude October 27, 2003
The chocolate pie is a fun little activity wherein the man recieves oral pleasure, and performs a reach around on himself, gathering feces in his palm. He then rubs the feces on the female's face just before he ejaculates on her face, thus giving the impression of an authentic chocolate pie.
"Jackie told us about the ol' chocolate pie last night. What a blast!"
by Dude November 23, 2004
another word used to hide the meaning; a diaper big girls use when their hole gets leaky
in the commercial,the couple's boat was sinking and the man used the tampax to plug it up and save themselves.
oooor in the song...PUT ANTHRAX ON TAMPAX
by dude March 05, 2004
'No', except how surfers prefer to say it.
Nah, fool, nah.

Nah fool, your mom is Hitler.
by dude December 04, 2002
an incredibly tastey "morsel" (see cock or dick) that may be "roasted" (see ridden or banged) over an open fire
dude, thats one LARGE hash brown!
by dude December 17, 2003
The withdrawl method of birth control

(removeing ones penis before reaching orgasm)

-not an effective method of birth control
Lets do onanism tonight hunny
by dude August 24, 2003
Stupid dickhead. Ignorant idiot with now fucking sense!

Also see - Pussy
Oh shit girl your crotch smells like rank Taisi!!
by Dude March 11, 2003

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