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A. A National Forensics League division. consisting of one performance that is 10 minutes long, or a play that has been cut down to 10 minutes. That piece must be funny, varying from "not really funny at all" to "L.M.F.A.O." levels of funny.

B. The only forensics event worth watching
A. I did excerpts from the play "Greater Tuna" for Humorous Interpretation, and that audience was dying of laughter!

B. Guy: I didn't make finals, what event should I watch
Girl: Humorous Interpretation, duh!
by Duct Tape Pants November 10, 2013
they think they are all cool and stuff but they are just getting how "babys are made" and as a resalt they make stuped, sexest jokes and have the resonig capabiltys of a brick and they frigin' bug the heck out of high schoolersand they cruse wenever posibal.
I am in 7th grade and I am not like that
1. I were lose-cut jeans (not skinnyjeans)
2. I hate (exepeped for Muse) any music made befor the '90s.
3. I care about my masculin aperence.
7th grader 1: I just lernd were babys come for!
7th grader 2: me too!
high schooler: SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!
by Duct tape pants October 21, 2010

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