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A rapid interest in something followed by an immediate loss of interest; a short lived trend.

Metaphorically, like the Doppler Effect: sirens coming closer and getting louder, and then decreasing just as quickly.
Guy 1: What ever happened to the guy that did that song Gangnam Style?

Guy 2: American interest in a Korean pop star? Total siren slide...
by Duckspeak Begone October 05, 2012
Browsing facebook, or looking at anything facebook related.
Guy: What you doing?

Girl: Facelooking at the party pics from last night!
by Duckspeak Begone October 05, 2012
Too complicated or inefficient to say in todays increasingly streamlined world. The term is a portmanteau made up of the words tongue and cumbersome.
Dad: Tell your mother to do an internet search on Attention Deficit Disorder medications.

Son: That's way too tonguebersome. Ma, Google A.D.D. meds!
by Duckspeak Begone November 30, 2012
Overgrown, overpopulated, crazy, illogical, or otherwise foolish.
Example #1:

The corn yields are down this year because the weevils went all coastal.

Example #2:

Guy 1: Between the retirees and migrant workers, Arizona is getting crazy packed.

Guy 2: True that, shit is getting coastal.

Example #3:

Guy 1: Did you see that lardass drinking a 72 ounce Diet Coke?

Guy 2: Coastal!
by Duckspeak Begone October 05, 2012

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