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An oriental camel-toe.

See also cameltoe camel toe camel-toe
Did you see that chick's dragon foot.
by Duckmeat March 09, 2005
Noun. The high-velocity pattern made by liquid fecal matter on the back of the toilet above the waterline. This pattern is formed when one has an uncontrolled evacuation of the bowels as he or she is in the process of sitting down and is still in a leaning-forward position. Because the movement associated with this phenomenon is usually time-consuming, the resulting back-splatter typically dries and will not come off when the toilet if flushed. Back-splatter usually lasts until physically removed with a brush and Comet.
Man, I know Al has been in here today, there's already back-splatter on the toilet.
by Duckmeat March 09, 2005
1. The thumb, index finger, and middle finger of a human male's primary hand. This is the typical configuration used to support and aim one's business during urination.

2. Fingers
1. "It is nasty to not wash one's dick tongs after going to the bathroom."

2. "Get your dick tongs off my beer!"
by Duckmeat March 09, 2005
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