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Comes from the root word "merk".
Means killing, beating, murdering, insulting, owning, pwning, etc.
*Playing a first person shooter*
Man, he's merking EVERYBODY!
by Ducez February 12, 2012
In 2011 Jon Kyl, Republican Senator from Arizona, claimed that abortions were "well over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does." After his statement caught wind in the media as being a flat out lie he backpedaled stating that his remark was "not intended to be a factual statement."

This spawned the hashtag and popular meme #NotIntendedToBeAFactualStatement. In similar context, whenever you or someone you know present information as a fact when it's actually a blatant lie it is appropriate to say Pulling a Jon Kyl. In reference to this notorious liar.
Guy 1: Did you hear what that senator said last night?! 50 million car accidents take place every year in this country

Guy 2: Don't listen to that garbage, he's just pulling a Jon Kyl.
by Ducez April 11, 2012
1. A combination of the phrases "go figure" and "no shit". Can be used interchangeably in circumstances where either word is appropriate.

2. Something you say when your using the G18 on Call of Duty
Example 1
Guy 1: Hey, did you hear that Ashley was pregnant?
Guy 2: Go shitter? I didn't know that

Guy 1: Hey, did you hear that Ashley was pregnant?
Guy 3: Go shitter, idiot. I'm the one who got her pregnant

Example 2
*Player 1 runs out of ammo so he switches guns and starts merking with his G18*
Player 1: Go shitter!
by Ducez February 12, 2012
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