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Term used to describe a dump, at least 6" in length, that moves slowly out of the ass and into the bowl, usually producing little to no sound and never any splashback.
Because it was a Buck Bronson's Brown Eye Slider, the poor soul in the next stall was unaware that Jim had taken a dump until it crept up his nose.
by Ducati Jeff September 11, 2006
Term used to describe a dump taken that leaves brown streaks at the bottom of the toilet, most commonly produced by Crab Cakes and after dinner coffee.
John searched frantically for the toilet brush after leaving a South Hampton Drain Stainer in Mary's toilet.
by Ducati Jeff September 06, 2006
Term used to describe a dump, typically at least 2" in width, that fires from your colon with ferocity and rips its way out of your ass, resulting in some bleeding, incredible discomfort and possibly screaming like a little girl.
John double fisted the toilet seat as the Ripley made its way to freedom.
by Ducati Jeff September 11, 2006

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