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Rhymes with 'Troll'
This word is used within Gujarati Indian households, normally by a father, or male figure within the family. It is another word for washing machine, but used in the context of physically using a washing machine. It is not a direct translation of washing machine, i.e. you would not go out to buy a 'roll'. But to load the washing machine, you would be putting on a 'roll', therefore you put the 'roll' on.
'Has anyone got any clothes to wash, i'm putting a roll on'

'When the roll is done, can you put the clothes out to dry'

Son: 'Where's my work shirt?'
Dad: 'Check the clothes airer, I did a roll this morning'
by Dubra Boy December 13, 2010
A word used to describe a group of dirty, scratty and generally unclean people. Often used as an insult to a family. Can also be used as a general word for the dislike of something or someone.
Girl1 and Girl2 come home after visiting their friend Ann;

Girl1: 'We're never going to Ann's house ever again'

Girl3: 'Why? Whats so bad?'

Girl1: 'The hand towels were sticky, the kitchen sink was brown and there was food all over the kitchen floor'

Girl2: 'She made me a cup of tea, and there was bits floating ontop'

Girl3: 'Geez, they sound like right dubras in that house'

Girl2: 'Yeah, theyre all dubras.'
by Dubra Boy December 21, 2010
A word used by Gujarati Indian women, to insult their children, inparticular, their sons. It is an insulting word which means the boy is stupid, silly or bone-idle.

Can also be used when the child does something mischievous and stupid, where the mother secretly finds it funny, but does not want to encourage her son.
*Easter time in a Gujarati Indian household*
Friend: 'We've got so many easter eggs this year'
Mum: 'So have we. Maya, go and get egg from fridge'
(Son goes to fridge and holds up a chicken egg)
Son: 'This one mum?'

*Gujarati family go to a fancy restaurant for a meal*
Mum: 'Maya, you want more naan?'
(Son is sat at the table, with his napkin over his face, with holes poked out for eyes)
Son: 'Yes please mum.'
by Dubra Boy December 13, 2010

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